The 2022 draft agenda is subject to change and may operate completely different from previous years, please consider this agenda to be *Beta as we readjust and modify our event.

1. Introductions

Welcome back to SecretCon! We open with the first greetings with some statistics about privacy in the last year.

Start: 1:00 PM

2. Traditional methods

Are the older privacy tools and methods better and more relevant today? Maybe? We explore the traditional approach to privacy and evading detection and how to apply them to modern tech.

Start: 2:00 PM

3. Modern methods

We dive into more modern methods and tools. Are they worth it? You’d think so. But let’s look at the facts.

Start: 3:00 PM

4. Exploring law

Our lawyers explores changes in law and their application to not only solving regulatory compliance, but also creating them. See how these fancy-sounding technical terms and law really work in this presentation.

Start: 4:00 PM

5. Closing

We end with a great presentation about the future of privacy, and how, for balance purposes, privacy can be greatly improved.

Start: 5:00 PM